Life in Lisbon Diaries: #2

I’m currently sitting in bed, hiding underneath my blank and its 1:00pm. Outside the rain is drizzling down and I couldn’t feel more content in my fluffy pink robe and messy, untamed hair. Today i’ve finally given myself a day of doing nothing. Sadly, I seldom give myself the gift of rest. For a long … Continue reading Life in Lisbon Diaries: #2

Life in Lisbon Diaries: #1

I’ve been living in Lisbon, Portugal for almost three months now, and boy do I have tonnes to share. There have been some very difficult moments, but as always, there have also been some incredible ones too. I’ve been settling into this new country and new way of life, travelling around Portugal a bit and … Continue reading Life in Lisbon Diaries: #1

Dear Lisbon, You really, really do have my heart. And when I say that I feel like such a basic bitch who just came back from Europe, but it does! I left it there. But seriously, what a gorgeous city. If you aren’t too familiar with Lisbon, it’s the pretty, coastal capital of Portugal, full … Continue reading

I really want to encourage solo travel more. Particularly for females. This shit is fucking life-changing. I never quite imagined that I’d just pack my suitcase one day and head off to another continent on my own for a few months, but I did. And it was one of the best decisions I had ever … Continue reading

Everything Changes when You Fall in Love (With Yourself/Life)

 I think we’re in the middle of a massive self-love movement right now and that is fucking awesome. I thought I’d share my thoughts on it and the ways I’ve been working on loving myself and the life I get to live. Self-love for me is fundamental to living a deep and meaningful, beautiful life. … Continue reading Everything Changes when You Fall in Love (With Yourself/Life)