You never know: Internships

Last Sunday I was aimlessly scrolling through my Facebook feed, when I stumbled across an advert from a magazine company I follow. It was a job advert and they were looking for digital marketing experts (which I, by the way, am most definitely not). I clicked on the link anyway and it took me to their job openings page and at the very bottom of this page, was a link to a part-time internship opportunity. I clicked on it, excited as ever, and was absolutely thrilled to find that they were looking for students who were interested in the company, to start a 3 month internship. I didn’t think twice, I stopped everything else I was doing and spent the next hour and a half writing, editing and perfecting my cover letter. I emailed it, positive that I would most likely not get a response. I had serious doubts that I would fit the role because my degree is not even closely related to magazines, publishing, social media or the digital/tech-world. It’s a health science degree, majoring in psychology. I had the tiniest glimpse of hope that maybe they would find my background useful because a lot of their content is focused on psychology and mental health/wellbeing. So with that tiny bit of hope in mind, I prayed that I would get a response.

And I did. A few days later I received an email, HR inviting me in for an interview at the head office. You should’ve seen my face. I was absolutely and utterly shocked. Jaw to the floor, speechless, hands trembling – type of shocked. I went to the interview, feeling both  anxious and a excited and it went ….. well. I felt so comfortable there, because it was a place that I had always dreamt of being. Even for a 3-month, unpaid internship, it was a fucking dream. I plan on writing a post in near future about how to prepare and execute job/internship interviews, but if I did one thing right at this internship interview, it was being real. I told the interviewer how passionate I was about what their magazine did and the values they stood for. I spoke from the heart and for more than half of the interview she had no interest in what I was studying at all. We genuinely connected and I felt like I did all that I could do in that interview. So, I got the internship. I pooped myself and basically couldn’t stop smiling for the entire 60 minute bus ride home.

What I learnt : You never really know what a company is looking for. You may think you know, but you don’t. This company was obviously looking for someone from somewhere a little different, with a different perspective, different ideas. I was from somewhere a little different and I think I had different perspectives/ideas.

So just go for it. Apply for that internship that you think is way too good for you, and amaze yourself. Realise that you really are capable of more than you can imagine and trust that the right thing will come into your life at the right time. Perhaps had I applied 6 months ago, they wouldn’t have wanted someone like me. But now they do, and I am absolutely stoked. Not only has this opportunity made life so much more exciting for me, but it has re-ignited my love for writing and who knows what other doors it will open for me in future. You don’t have to stay in one place or in one study area for the rest of your life. You really don’t. Especially now, when you’re young and the sky is the limit…. explore, explore, explore!  Try different internships and jobs and experiences. Firstly they look great on the resume + build skills/knowledge and secondly, they make life a meaningful, challenging, fun and exciting adventure.

So apply for an internship. Yes, even the one you think you have no chance at getting.

 I dare you!

Lots of love,

Angelica x

P.s, if anyone cares,  the internship is at the Collective Hub – a multimedia brand that cover unique and interesting print and digital content amongst doing a bunch of other awesome stuff. Check their articles out, they’re bloody good:

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